7'6" Green Casting Rods with V2 Reel Seat and Camo Handle

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These rods are built using  state of the art composite blanks composed of S-glass and Graphite to build a unique rod that is both strong and sensitive. The unique backbone and soft tip increases hookup ratios, power handling, performance and puts more fish in the boat.


Style: Casting

Length: 7'6" one piece rod

Blank material: composite

Action: moderate fast

Lure Rating:

MH     1 -10oz

XMH  2 - 15oz


MH 16" Eva Cut Orange Camo 

XMH 18" Eva Cut Orange Camo 

Fore grip:

MH 4" Eva Cut

XMH 5" Eva Cut

Reel seat: aluminum

Line Rating: 10 - 50 lbs

Guides: stainless steel